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The chef has also shared what the typical Easter meal will look like for Her Majesty. Speaking to OK! Magazine, Darren McGrady explained what the 94-year-old and husband Prince Philip, 99, eat behind the closed doors of Windsor Castle.

In the 2020 interview, Mr McGrady shared the Queen’s drinking habits after her Sunday roast meal.

“The Queen would usually refrain [from drinking too much at lunch] and save her habitual Gin and Dubonnet until the evening,” said Mr McGrady.

He added that due to lockdown restrictions there is no need for their usual Easter food service.

“I don’t think the big kitchen will be open this year as there’s no need for it,” said Mr McGrady.

“There will be minimal staff on duty so they’ll use the small kitchen.”

Mr McGrady continued to explain how even though the two of them will most likely be dining alone, there’s still a necessity to adhere to certain formalities.

He said: “Although it’ll be pretty much just the two of them eating together, they won’t have TV dinners on lap trays. They’ll still be served at the table as always.”

The former royal chef also explained exactly what the Royal Family eats during the spring holiday.

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“For lunch she would have her favourite German wine, called Gewurztraminer.

“It’s quite light and sweet.

“Prince Philip doesn’t really drink wine – he’d rather have a bottle of beer.”

It is currently not known whether the Queen will appear in public this Easter due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

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