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India Hicks is the daughter of Lady Pamela, a former lady-in-waiting of her Majesty and has just appeared with her mother in ITV’s documentary ‘My Years With The Queen’. In the programme, Lady Hicks, a cousin of Prince Philip, is guided through her memories by her daughter. While she served as lady-in-waiting to the Queen, Lady Pamela kept a diary, which bears witness to some of the most momentous events in the life of the British sovereign.

One event which stood out in particular for India Hicks, was the coronation of the Queen in June 1953.

Ms Hicks told the Daily Mail: “It was when my mother was describing the Coronation.

“There were these extraordinary scenes of history unfolding and all the pageantry around but my mother was focused on this very young woman, completely alone, with that extraordinary light shining on her.

The Queen would later ask her close friend to give her a detailed description of the events of that terrible day.

In the documentary, Lady Pamela revealed: “She asked me to tell her exactly what had happened because she adored my father.

“And then, silence. The Queen’s emotions are all inside, always. She is very strong.”

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