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The Queen is under pressure to leave Windsor Castle following intruders in the grounds of the her estate. It is the second incident thought to have happened in the grounds of Royal Lodge within days of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. However, the monarch is also under “political pressure” to leave her preferred residence and return to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen has spent the majority of her time in Windsor over the last year due to the pandemic.

It was initially thought Queen would relocate permanently to Windsor and use Buckingham Palace for official functions.

However, there is growing pressure on the Queen to move back into Buckingham Palace after £360 million was spent on refurbishment of the residence.

Russell Myers, royal editor of the Mirror, told talkRADIO: “The Queen has been staying at Windsor Castle throughout the last year in isolation because of the coronavirus crisis.”

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He continued: “It’s been well-known that she actually prefers saying at Windsor Castle.

“She has stayed there with Prince Philip for the past year.

“There is some drama about whether she will come back to Buckingham Palace.

“It has had a £360m refurbishment so there is political pressure on the Queen to go back to Buckingham Palace and to go back to London. We are told she will be returning there.

TalkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan responded: “I think at 95, the Queen should be able to live wherever she wants to live. Give her a break!”

Yesterday it was revealed that Thames Valley police were forced to arrest two intruders last week, a man, 31 and his girlfriend, 29.

The two had managed to scale the fences around the Royal Lodge before being apprehended by the police.

Crucially, the Royal Lodge is where the Queen walks her two corgis although it is not thought Her Majesty came into contact with the intruders.

On 19 April, police were also called to the Duke of York’s home after a woman reportedly talked her way into his mansion.

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