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In all aspects of royal interactions with the public, strict etiquette rules apply. Those hoping for the opportunity of a quick chat with their royal heroes should pay heed to advice from a former butler of Prince Charles. Grant Harrold told Business Insider that people should never shout out to a Royal or initiate conversation.

Instead they should wait to be approached and spoken to, if they don’t want to be given the cold shoulder.

However, he admitted that royals always have a soft spot for children.

The ex-butler said: “I have never seen a member of the royal family ignore a child who calls out to them.”

And children quite often ask the most searching questions, as the Queen herself once found out to her cost.

Her Majesty attended a Christmas function, where she was introduced to youngsters eager to know everything about her life.

The British monarch showed she was master of the situation by playfully answering a barrage of questions.

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One inquisitor wanted to know what Her Majesty was going to buy Prince William for Christmas.

Giving absolutely nothing away, the Queen said, laughing: “Well, I don’t think I should say it too loudly, because he might hear me, mighten he!”

Finally, one little girl wanted to know if the crown was “very heavy” to wear.

Her Majesty admitted it was “quite heavy”, saying “you don’t really want to walk about very long with it.”

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