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Meghan and Prince Harry appear to be working on a global brand with both their charitable and profitable projects. Overnight, the Duke of Sussex took part in Vax Live, a concert attended by fully vaccinated people which aimed at supporting a drive to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to everyone across the world.

The concert will be broadcasted on May 8, but the Duke of Sussex’s attendance already had much resonance online.

Many fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex noted Prince Harry was surely welcomed at the event, receiving a roaring standing ovation by the public when he walked on stage.

Some went on claiming this reaction is a source of concern for the Royal Family – possibly suggesting the Sussexes could overshadow the Firm.

A Twitter user who shared a video of Prince Harry on stage at Vax Live wrote: “This reaction for Prince Harry in California at #VaxLive is really something. 

“Somehow doubt that anyone other than the Queen or his late mother would get similar.”

One fan of the Sussexes retweeted this message, adding: “True and that’s why his family are jealous #PrinceHarry #ServiceisUniversal #VaxLive”.

Another said: “THIS IS WHAT SCARES THE ROYAL FAMILY #PrinceHarry #VaxLive #ServiceisUniversal”.

A third added: “Now that’s the reaction the #royalfamily are worried about. Everyone loves #HarryandMeghan”. 

Another fan of Meghan and Harry mentioned a recent YouGov survey analysing the popularity of key members of the Royal Family.

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The poll noted only Meghan and Harry became less popular between mid-March and April.

The Twitter user said: “The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex are on a global scale, far away from our little Britain.

“Now YouGov, can you do a poll of the world most popular royal couple? I stan the best couple.”

Yet another fan of the Sussexes tweeted: “Prince Harry received a standing ovation from over 20,000 people at the #VaxLive concert – not something many other members of the Royal Family would achieve. 

“Harry did what he does best, inspired people! Congratulations Harry on the lovely reception in the US!”

Finally, another said: “Prince Harry is definitely the leader on world stage.”


Prince Harry spoke on the stage of Vax Live as one of the event’s campaign chairs.

Meghan, who also took on this role, is to speak in a video when the concert will be broadcasted in the US.

In their role, the Sussexes also led a coordinated drive across the private sector to raise funds for COVAX, the vaccine-sharing programme co-led by the World Health Organisation.

Speaking to the crowd, Harry praised frontline staff who continue to work to support their communities during the pandemic. 

But he also spoke about the urge to “act collectively” when it comes to vaccinations.

He said: “The vaccine must be distributed to everyone everywhere.

“We cannot rest or truly recover until there is fair distribution to every corner of the world.

“The mission in front of us is one we cannot afford to fail out and that’s what tonight is about.

“The virus does not respect borders and access to the vaccine cannot be determined by geography.

“It must be accepted as a basic right for all and that is our starting point.”  

Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down as full-time working members of the Firm at the end of March last year.

The couple, now independent from the Sovereign Grant and Prince Charles’s allowances, has since struck a series of profitable deals – which will grant the couple a global platform.

In September last year, they announced they are becoming producers of documentaries, docu-series and children programming for Netflix.

Their first Netflix series to be released will be Heart of Invictus, focused on a group of competitors from Prince Harry’s Invictus Games Foundation coming from every corner of the world.

In late 2020, Harry and Meghan announced they would also produce podcasts for Spotify and on December 29 they released a holiday special episode featuring celebrities including Tyler Perry and Sir Elton John.

Introducing the special episode, a statement on read: “As part of their audio-first production company Archewell Audio, which is exclusively partnered with Spotify and its global reach to hundreds of millions of people, The Duke and Duchess presented a special holiday collection of inspiration, reflection, and perspective from guests who joined across the world.”

In late 2020, Meghan and Harry also launched their Archewell Foundation, aiming to “uplift and unite communities—local and global, online and offline—one act of compassion at a time”, as stated on their website.     

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