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Sadiq Khan had been expected to run away with the mayoral election, with polls in the run up to the vote suggesting a nearly 20-point lead over Conservative rival Shaun Bailey. However, the race is “much closer than everyone thinks,” leaving Mr Khan is under “massive, massive pressure” to avoid a catastrophic upset for Labour. Reform UK leader Richard Tice told talkRADIO that London is “on a knife edge” over whether the Labour candidate will secure re-election. 

Early results in the voting saw Shaun Bailey take a shock lead over Mr Khan.

However, the Labour politician later opened up a lead over Mr Bailey by the end of the night after seven of City Hall’s 14 constituencies had declared.

Mr Khan has so far received 487,104 first preference votes compared to 462,837 for Mr Bailey.

Mr Tice said: “I can reveal to you that the London mayoral elections is making a total mockery of the polls that suggested Sadiq Khan would win in a landslide.”

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He continued: “It is on a knife edge. It is within one percent on the first preference. That is after 35 percent counted. Generally that suggests the direction of travel.

“There is a debate today whether the Conservative-leaning boroughs are counting faster but it looks like it will turn on the second preference.”

TalkRADIO host Ian Collins said: “All of the polls were pointing in a different direction, that this was in the bag for Sadiq?”

Mr Tice responded: “This could be the biggest shock in all of the results from yesterday, in that Sadiq Khan is under massive, massive pressure.

They added: “Still a long way to go though, but Shaun will have beaten the polls by a fair whack.”

A London Labour source said: “We think it will be close. There is no chance of winning on the first round.

“We are definitely seeing the product of lower turnout and complacency from voters who believed it was safe to put a candidate from a smaller party as first preference”

A final result is expected on Saturday evening, though there remains a possibility that the winner may not be declared until Sunday morning.

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