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The leaders of Scotland’s main political parties were invited to discuss the proposals to replace HMS Britannia on the BBC Scottish Leaders debate. Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, Lib Dem Willie Rennie and Patrick Harvie of the Scottish Greens also spoke out against plans set to be announced by Boris Johnson “within weeks” to construct a new royal yacht. Ms Sturgeon blasted the move, which is earmarked at £200 million, as “ludicrous”.

The SNP leader said: “The only reason Boris Johnson has been talking about this is to try to distract attention from the sleaze that is swirly around him and his government.

“Everybody should see through it.

“Frankly it is one more reason why Boris Johnson should not be the guy making the decisions about the future of Scotland.”

Mr Rennie also blasted the proposal as “ridiculous”.


The Scottish Lib Dem leader argued “there are 500 other things I would rather spend that money on than a Royal Yacht.

“Even if it brought jobs and shipbuilding to Clyde?,” queried the host.

Mr Rennie replied: “It is a ludicrous idea, it will never happen.

“It is one of Boris Johnson’s tricks to try and detract attention.”


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