Belarus shuts borders: Citizens barred from leaving and foreigners must provide documents | World | News


Border force has imposed strict restrictions on travel and confirmed only Belarusian citizens and foreign nationals with a residential permit in Belarus can depart the country.

Those with a temporary residence card in another country are not allowed to leave.

A temporary residence permit in a foreign state is not a basis for leaving Belarus, the State Border Committee said. 

It added departure from the country through ground checkpoints is limited for both Belarusian citizens and foreigners with a residence permit in Belarus.

Belarus sparked widespread condemnation from the international community last week after officials re-routed a Ryanair plane to Minsk and arrested a dissident journalist on board.

The flight had been en route to Lithuania from Greece on May 23.

The European Union has urged its airlines to avoid Belarus amid the outrage over the forced landing of the passenger plane.

More to follow. 

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