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Fears surrounding WW3 could be realised as Xi Jinping seeks to push the US into action. Sky News Australia’s Asia correspondent Adrian Brown highlighted the growing tensions between China and Taiwan. He explained due to the US’ obligations to Taiwan, China could attack the nation to spark a reaction from the US.

Mr Brown made this claim following comments made by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken he insisted the US would be prepared to stand up to China.

Mr Brown said: “Just a few days ago, Anthony Blinken the US secretary of State gave an interview to the CBS Network where he said China was acting more aggressively overseas and becoming more authoritarian at home.

“He said the US does not want to keep China down or stop its rise but he also served notice that the US would be prepared to stand up to China if and when it had to.

“People say that one area where that is possible, not likely but possible, is Taiwan.”

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Mr Brown then outlined the history of difficulties between China and Taiwan.

He added that China may wish to test the resolve of the US and its stake in relations between itself and Taiwan.

However, he noted that there was little indication in Chinese media that this was to happen.

Mr Brown said: “There is a theory that perhaps China wants to test the United States.

He said: “Would the current Chinese leader, in his current mood, want to make a move for Taiwan?

“There is no doubt that if Taiwan was to comb back into the fold of China Xi Jinping would be regarded as the greatest Chinese leader since Mao Zedong.

“But There has been no indication in the media in China that is going to be China’s intention.

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