EU news: Bloc’s ‘complex’ system blamed for ‘unacceptably slow’ Covid vaccine rollout | World | News


As a result of the sluggish vaccine rollout, the World Health Organisation said the continent’s jab programme needs to speed up as infections rise.

They branded the bloc’s rollout as “unacceptably slow”, and added the rise in cases is “more worrying” than it has been for several months.

Speaking to CNBC, Dimitri Eynikel, coordinator at Medecins sans Frontieres, said the Commission appears to be focusing on securing doses rather than administering vaccines.

He said: “It is quite concerning at the political level the whole discussion about exports restrictions, controls or even bans.”

While Mr Eynikel believes the EU is “prioritising its population first”. He added that the US and the UK are “doing the same”.

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