India Covid: Nation records world’s biggest daily increase in virus-related deaths | World | News


The new outbreak of rare fungal disease is being closely monitored as pressure continues to pile on hospitals.

Mucormycosis, or “black fungus”, usually infects people whose immune system has been compromised.

Its symptoms include blackening or discolouration over the nose, breathing difficulties, coughing blood, blurred or double vision, and chest pain.

Experts have theorised that the rise in cases of the rare disease could be related to the use of steroids in severe cases of Covid-19.

Those drugs can reduce immunity and push up sugar levels, making patients more prone to infection.

Internal Medicine Specialist Rommel Tickoo explained that the chances of dying from the disease where higher for people who had a later diagnosis.

Treatment for the deadly infection involves a bigly-invasive surgical procedure.

He told DW News: “Mucormycosis has a high mortality rate especially for patients who don’t get diagnosed early enough.

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