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Israel’s vaccination rollout is leading the way as one of the top nations across the globe. According to Israel’s Ministry of Health, as of Wednesday, 5.23 million people have been given the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

The data also shows that more than 4.76 million people have received a second vaccine shot.

Israel began its jab rollout in December and has seen a decline in cases and deaths since January.

On January 27, during the height of the second Covid wave, the country reported 11,934 new cases of the virus.

Israel also recorded its highest coronavirus related daily death rate at 101 on January 20.

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“You know in Israel we are back to shaking hands, we are back to hugging, we are back to kissing. This is the way to go.”

Dr Gamzu highlighted how their speedy vaccine rollout has aided in decreasing COVID-19 cases and deaths.

He said: “In Israel there’s only some hundred cases a day but we see a deep drop in the number of severe cases, this is the most important issue.

“In severe cases we have only a tenth than what we used to have here in Israel once we were in the peak of the disease.”

Speaking about the Passover celebrations in Israel this week, Dr Gamzu added: “People are having fun, people are doing whatever we used to do before and I’m assuring you there will not be any increase in the number of people getting sick or severe cases of corona and this is all because of the vaccine.”

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