Macron savaged as France’s youngsters rally against President ‘Little king in his castle’ | World | News


Emmanuel Macron has been grappling with increasing opposition to his coronavirus policies and his decision to plunge France into its third lockdown in the span of one year. Members of the cultural sector have been especially vocal against the French President, demanding entertainment venues are allowed to reopen. Asked about President Macron’s record during the pandemic, singer Leah Gracie told BBC Today: “I think he’s just a little king in his castle.

“He doesn’t want to look down and he’s just trying to get money from the poor.

“It’s just increasing the differences between the rich and the poor. It’s straightforward as this.”

A sound engineer taking part in protests in the city of Poitiers earlier this week said: “We feel it’s the Government’s choice to put people in trains, in the metro, and they decided to close all the sociability places.

“There’s a lot of anger in the cultural sector because there’s no sanitary reason [for the closure].”

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