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Extraordinary pictures have emerged of a factory that was designing and building fully operational plastic guns. The 3D printed guns factory was discovered on the island of Tenerife in Spain by Spanish police. Criminals were designing the firearms on computer software and making them on 3D printing machines but police busted the culprits and dismantled the factory. Shocking footage shows a broad range of firearms from handguns to rifles.

Spanish police said: “The raid led to the arrest of one person and the confiscation of printers.”

They added how “digital material used to make arms components” along with “several weapons and objects linked to white supremeacy” were also discovered at the factory.

“Over 30 books including terrorist manuals were also seized.”

The operation was carried out by Spanish police in coopertion with the Spanish Tax Agency in September 2020 in Tenerife.

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Spanish police continued by saying manuals were found which had instructions of how to make explosives.

A police report said: “3D oprinting of weapons is part of a new emerging threat in illegal arms trafficking in Europe.”

The report goes on to refer to a terrorist attack in Germany in October 2019 where a Jewish Synagogue was attacked.

The incident involved a rifle which was made with a 3D printer. 

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Speaking during a media briefing, Genea Cook from the IMPD said officers had been alerted after  around 11pm local time last Thursday.

She said: “As officers arrived, they came into contact with an active shooting incident.

“We have located eight people with gunshot wounds who were pronounced deceased at the scene.

“Preliminary information at this time is that the shooter has taken his own life.”

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